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What's New

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17 Sept 2020

  • Canals: Features added to the Macclesfield Canal.

16 Sept 2020

  • UK Map: Brighton, Hove, Three Bridges, Horley redrawn. Cardiff and the docks redrawn.

6 Sept 2020

  • UK Map: Lots of areas of Kent redrawn, including Ashford, Dover, Rochester, Strood, Sittingbourne (including Bowaters Paper Rly), Margate, Ramsgate, Maidstone, Chatham (including the dockyards). Plus details for Longmoor Military Rly, Chichester and Eastleigh.

22 Aug 2020

  • US Map: AZ Yuma county redrawn, including addition of the original Yuma swing bridge and the Potholes branch. Also tidied up Imperial County, CA, and redrawn the Eagle Mountain RR.

2 Aug 2020

  • US Map: CA Humboldt, Del Norte and Sonoma counties redrawn, with lots of new additions, including Smith River & Northern, Del Norte Southern, California Midland, Pacific Lumber Co., Humboldt Northern, Hammond Lumber Co., Mattole Lumber Co., Bear Harbour & Eel River, and the Richardson RR.
  • US Map: HA The new Honolulu Rail Transit added.

18 July 2020

  • Canals: Features added to Bridgewater Canal, Coventry Canal, Cromford Canal, Derby Canal, Erewash Canal, Nottingham Canal and Nutbrooke Canal.
  • US Map: CA Mendocino County redrawn, with lots of new logging lines including Northwestern Pacific RR, Albion Lumber Co, Mendocino Lumber Co, Casper Lumber Co, Union Lumber Co and the Ten Mile River RR.

10 July 2020

  • UK Map: Barnsley redrawn.
  • US Map: AZ Pima (Tucson), Pinal and Gila counties detailed, and adding the Twin Buttes RR, Arizona Southern RR, San Manuel Arizona RR, Mineral Creek RR and the Tucson Street Rly.

4 July 2020

  • All maps now have geolocation added as an experimental feature. Click on Tools, Show Position to display your current position on the map, and click on Keep Centred to centre the map on your position. To use this feature you need your device's location switched on, and your browser/device will probably ask for your permission to allow the RailMapOnline webpage to access the information. The maps and geolocation may be innacurate, so don't trust this feature for navigating. I'm interested in any problems with this feature, so if you have trouble then please let me know including which device and browser you're using.

27 June 2020

  • US Map: OR Benton and Linn Counties redrawn, covering Corvallis, Albany and Lebanon.

21 June 2020

  • US Map: AZ Maricopa County redrawn, including the addition of the Phoenix Street Rly.
  • Canals: Caldon and Uttoxeter canals have been updated.

15 June 2020

  • US Map: OR Lane county redrawn, including Eugene, Springfield and Pengra Pass.

7 June 2020

  • US Map: OR Josephine, Jackson, Douglas & Coos counties redrawn.
  • Canals: Features added for the Wisbech canal, Witham Navigable drains, Ashby canal, & the Ashton canal.

26 May 2020

  • UK Map: Modern railway layer updated, with latest OpenStreetMap data.

23 May 2020

  • US Map: OR Counties along the Columbia River redrawn, covering Hood River, Wasco, Sherman, Gilliam, Morrow and Umatilla.
  • UK Map: Richmond Light Rly (thanks Dave), Cotswolds Heritage Ltd Rly, Waddington Fire Training Facility (thanks Matt) added.

21 May 2020

  • Canals: Features added for the Grantham canal with proposed alternative route to the River Trent, the Caister canal, the Foss Dyke, the Louth navigation and the South Forty Fooot Drain (Black Sluice Navigation).

16 May 2020

  • UK Map: Craig-yr-Hafod tramway added, near Abergavenny (thanks Alan). Summerfields’ Miniature Railway (Bedford MES) added (thanks John). Mill Hill (Blackburn) horse drawn tramway added (thanks Fred).

9 May 2020

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  • UK Map: Remainder of County Durham is redrawn, covering Durham, Chester-le-Street and Hetton.

3 May 2020

  • Canals: Features added to the Leominster Canal and Horncastle Canal.

2 May 2020

  • UK Map: A large part of County Durham is redrawn, including Bishop Auckland, Ferryhill, Seaham, Castle Eden, Trimdon, Spennymoor and Willington.

18 Apr 2020

  • UK Map: Huddersfield & Mirfield redrawn. Also West Auckland to Butterknowle redrawn, including addition of the Bishop Auckland Miniature Rly.

13 Apr 2020

  • Canals: Staffordshire & Worcestershire Canal features added.

4 Apr 2020

  • Canals: Birmingham Canal Navigations (BCN) features added. Plus a big update that sees all abandoned canals now shown in green.
  • UK Map: Gretna Township added, plus the Sheppey Model Engineering Society, and a number of minor additions.

28 Mar 2020

  • US Map: CA Mariposa, Tuolumne, Calaveras counties redrawn. Includes Pickering, West Side, Madera Sugar Pine and Yosemite Lumber companies, plus the Hetch Hetchy RR and Yosemite Short Line.

21 Mar 2020

  • US Map: Oregon's Klamath, Deschutes, Jefferson, Lake, Crook counties redrawn. Many more logging railroads, plus Klamath Falls, Bend, Prineville and Madras.
  • UK Map: Halifax Zoo miniature rly added.

15 Mar 2020

  • US Map: Shasta, Siskiyou, Modoc counties redrawn, completing north-east California. Includes addition of the Long Bell Lumber RR and Pacific Gas & Electric Co, plus more detail for the McCloud River RR and Klamath Lake RR.

29 Feb 2020

  • UK Map: Consett and upper Weardale redrawn.

15 Feb 2020

  • US Map: CA. Redding & Red Bluff detailed, plus Sierra & Nevada counties tidied.
  • Canals: Manchester & Salford Junction added.

26 Jan 2020

  • Canals: Thorne and Hatfield Moors canals added to the map.

5 Jan 2020

  • US Map: CA. Plumas and Lassen counties redrawn with lots of logging railroads, plus more added to Butte county. Includes the Red River, Clover Valley, Feather River, Nibbley Stoddard, Sloat, Massack, Lassen, and Sierra Lumber companies, plus Piute Canyon RR, California Fruit Exchange, Fruit Growers Supply Co, Great Western Power Co, Feather River Power Co, Diamond Match Co. and Butte & Plumas Rly.

21 Dec 2019

  • US Map: NV. Remaining counties detailed in east, completing the Nevada map. Covering Ely, Eureka, Wells, Elko, Pioche, Caliente.

13 Dec 2019

  • US Map: UT. Remaining counties detailed in south and east, completing the Utah map. Includes Iron, Beaver, Millard, Juab, San Pete, Sevier, Piute counties.
  • US Map: NM. Rio Arriba, Taos, San Juan counties detailed, covering Chama and the line south to Santa Fe, plus various logging lines.

6 Dec 2019

  • US Map: CO Duranga, Silverton, Alamosa plus branch to Farmington added, completing the Colorado map.

16 Nov 2019

  • US Map: CO Pueblo, Trinidad, Las Animas added, including the Royal Gorge, Raton Pass, La Veta Pass.

9 Nov 2019

  • US Map: CO Colorado Springs, Cripple Creek and north west counties added up to the Kansas border.

2 Nov 2019

  • US Map: CO Denver, Boulder, Fort Collins, Greeley areas added to the map.
  • UK Map: Wotton Light Rly, Southend Gas Works added.

28 Sept 2019

  • US Map: North East Colorado added, from Grand Junction to Leadville and Salida, including the Tennessee Pass, Moffat Pass, Marshall Pass, Alpine Tunnel, Dallas Divide and lots of branches and narrow gauge lines.

7 Sept 2019

  • US Map: UT Carbon, Emery, Grand counties detailed.

26 Aug 2019

  • UK Map: Welwyn Light Rly added, plus Stobs POW camp and Catterick Camp detail.

27 June 2019

  • US Map: MT Northern Montana added, following the Great Northern.

21 June 2019

  • US Map: HI Most of Hawaii is redrawn with lots more detail for the plantation lines. Thanks to Richard for the detailed map of Kauai and links to some useful historic maps.

14 June 2019

  • US Map: MT Southern Montana added, following the Northern Pacific and Milwaukee Road across the Rockies.
  • US Map: CA Greenhorn RR added.

31 May 2019

  • US Map: Northern Wyoming counties added, following the Chicago, Burlington & Quincy.
  • US Map: El Dorado county, CA detailed.

26 May 2019

  • US Map: Southern Wyoming added, from Utah border to Cheyenne

19 May 2019

  • US Map: Salt Lake, Utah, Tooele counties, UT detailed

10 May 2019

  • US Map: Celebrating 150years since the Golden Spike, UT Box Elder (Promontory Summit), Weber (Ogden), Cache (Logan) and Morgan counties detailed.

4 May 2019

  • UK Map: Much of North, South & West London redrawn.

9 Apr 2019

  • UK Map: Leeds redrawn.

23 Feb 2019

  • US Map: NV northwest counties detailed.

4 Jan 2019

  • UK Map: Wakefield redrawn.