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UK image - Google Map data ©2013 GeoBasis DE/BKG ©2009 Google based on BCN IGN Espana US image - Google Map data US Dept of State Geographer Data SIO, NOAA, U.S.Navy, NGAm GEBCO ©2013 Google Image ©2013 TerraMetrics
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What's New

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21 July 2014

  • After a short break, the latest update includes more detail for the minor lines around Leeds and Lincoln, and the Millennium Bridge Inclined Lift & Urbis Funicular Rly.
  • Plus St Helier Estate and Watling Estate Rlys (London), Lerwick Harbour tramways, Sanday Miniature Rly, Bedford Coporation Water Board, Greetwell ironstone mines (Lincoln), Claxby ironstone tramway, all thanks to Peter.
  • And other details thanks to Ian, David, and the RailUKForum for Edisford Bridge Miniature Rly.
  • Also been trying to find details of the Canadian Forestry Corps railways built throughout Britain in WW1. A placeholder has been added for the line at Windsor, but can anyone provide more details?

29 June 2014

  • RAF Broadheath and Pwllheli Butlins (thanks Rog), Solva Waterworks Tramway and Conwy Valley Miniature Rly (thanks Graham), Dover military railways (thanks Lew), Harlech Military Rly and Porthmadog detail (thanks Dave), and St Anne's Miniature Rly and Manchester Metrolink to Ashton under Lyne added (thanks to all those at RailUKForums).

25 June 2014

  • Updates to the Wrexham area with lots more detail, including a number of new tramways and updates to the Glyn Valley Tramway.
  • Also East & West Yorkshire Union Rly correctly identified and corrected the Middleton Rly (thanks Sam), corrected Tadcaster sidings (thanks James), Knutsford sewage works tramway and Wrexham Industrial Estate (thanks Dave), Penarth Slate Quarry (thanks Dave and Peter), Frimley Lodge Miniature Rly (thanks Andrew), Dobwalls Miniature Rly, Gorse Blossom Miniature Rly and Merstham Valley Rly (thanks to the RailUKForums).

23 Dec 2013

  • The US Map is now available. At the moment the US map covers Hawaii, California, Nevada, Arizona, Utah, Oregon and southern Idaho, albeit in an early version without some of the features of the UK & Ireland map. The emphasis is on the network of various companies and long-forgotten lines, rather than current lines and industrial spurs. Updates will be issued slowly, but development emphasis will continue to be on the UK map for the time being. Feedback, corrections and submissions are appreciated as always.