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UK image - Google Map data ©2013 GeoBasis DE/BKG ©2009 Google based on BCN IGN Espana US image - Google Map data US Dept of State Geographer Data SIO, NOAA, U.S.Navy, NGAm GEBCO ©2013 Google Image ©2013 TerraMetrics
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What's New

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12 Apr 2014

  • Herefordshire stations, features and track updates. Includes the Hay Railway, Kington Tramway, Hereford to Abergavenny Tramway, Elm Bridge depot and Moreton depot.
  • Also some Devon updates thank to Chris, including the Lundy North Lighthouse Tramway and Lynbarn Rly.

6 Apr 2014

  • 150 new features across North York Moors, Cleveland Hills, Middlesbrough & Thornaby. Includes Mulgrave Ironstone Tramways (including Grinkle & Boulby Mines), Ravenscar Mineral Rly, Goathland Whinstone Quarries Tramway, Glaisdale Moor Tramway & Iron works, Roseberry, Ayton, Langbaurgh Ironstone Tramways, Esk Valley Whinstone Quarries Tramway, Commondale Quarries Tramway, Castleton inclines, Spawood Ironstone Mine, Loundale Quarry, Redcar Iron Works & Jetty (plus South Gare), Park Lane Lime Works (Pickering), Swainby Tramway corrected, Eston Hills tramways and mines, Skinningrove Zig-Zag railway corrected, plus lots of Teesside steel works, iron works, brick works and docks.
  • If you want to know more about the industrial past of Cleveland then check out Hidden Teesside

28 Mar 2014

  • Worcestershire stations, features and track updates.

1 Mar 2014

  • Option to toggle the tracks on & off added to the Places tab.

23 Dec 2013

  • The US Map is now available. At the moment the US map covers Hawaii, California, Nevada, Arizona, Utah, Oregon and southern Idaho, albeit in an early version without some of the features of the UK & Ireland map. The emphasis is on the network of various companies and long-forgotten lines, rather than current lines and industrial spurs. Updates will be issued slowly, but development emphasis will continue to be on the UK map for the time being. Feedback, corrections and submissions are appreciated as always.