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What's New

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19 Aug 2014

  • More Ayrshire detail (thanks Roger), plus the slate islands (thanks Peter & Roger), Fairlie Pier (thanks Bill) and Inveraray, Leadhills, Corncockle, Gatelawbridge, RAF Leuchars, Bonawe tramways, Almondbank, Muirtown Basin, Dailuaine Distillery (all thanks to Robert).
  • Miniature railways around Knutsford (thanks Rog), Sutton Coldfield (thanks Ian), Harefield tramways (thanks Peter).
  • Various early tramways in Somerset (thanks John), Winchester camp railways (thanks Martyn) Betty & Toms Quarry (thanks Dennis) and Port Richborough, Ernesettle Depot railway (thanks Robert).

14 Aug 2014

  • Various tramways and small lines added for Caernarfonshire and a few more for Anglesey.
  • Also more South Wales detail around Newport and Barry, plus the valleys up to Blaenavon, Ebbw Vale and Rhymney. Thanks for all the suggestions from Robert and Peter.

9 Aug 2014

  • Cardiff detail added. Also detail at Caerphilly, Taff's Well, Pontrhydyfen (prompted by suggestions from John) and around Buckley (thanks Barrie for tramway details). Also Neuadd and Ystradfellte Reservoir rlys added (thanks John).
  • Plymouth detail added, including lots more Dartmoor tramway detail. Thanks to Az, John, Robert, Phil for various suggestions and corrections, including the Dartmoor Prison Peat Tramway, Dewerstone Granite Quarries and Tregantle Military Rly.
  • Some tidying-up around Killwinning, Ayrshire (thanks for suggestions from Roger).
  • More detail for North Yorkshire, including the Ampleforth College Tramway and placeholder for the Helmsley Logging Rly.

1 Aug 2014

  • More Forest of Dean tramways thanks to John, including Teague's Rly, Lydbrook tramway, Scott's tramway, Bishopswood branch, Bullo Pill tramway and Darkhill Ironworks branch. Also added Blaise Castle and Longleat miniature railways.
  • Thanks to Robert for the Melfort Gunpowder works tramway and Garlieston harbour. Also found the Kames (Millhouse) Gunpowder works, Clyde (Glen Lean) Powder mills and Furnace quarry tramways.
  • Plus the North West Leicestershire Society of Model Engineers (thanks Paul), original alignment of the Midland Rly at Bugsworth (thanks Simon) and the Hawbank quarry tramway near Embsay (thanks Cedric).

23 Dec 2013

  • The US Map is now available. At the moment the US map covers Hawaii, California, Nevada, Arizona, Utah, Oregon and southern Idaho, albeit in an early version without some of the features of the UK & Ireland map. The emphasis is on the network of various companies and long-forgotten lines, rather than current lines and industrial spurs. Updates will be issued slowly, but development emphasis will continue to be on the UK map for the time being. Feedback, corrections and submissions are appreciated as always.