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UK & Ireland Map Western US Map
UK image - Google Map data ©2013 GeoBasis DE/BKG ©2009 Google based on BCN IGN Espana US image - Google Map data US Dept of State Geographer Data SIO, NOAA, U.S.Navy, NGAm GEBCO ©2013 Google Image ©2013 TerraMetrics
Railway tracks depicted ©2013 RailMapOnline.com Railway tracks depicted ©2013 RailMapOnline.com

What's New

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28 Feb 2015

  • Cumbria has had a complete refresh with lots of new detail, features and a few new stations.
  • And thanks to Peter, Richard, Keith, Murray and Chris for various corrections and suggestions.

21 Feb 2015

  • Dumfries & Galloway updated and stations added.
  • Also some more tramways at Barton upon Humber (thanks Keith) and around Ashby de la Zouch (thanks Peter).

14 Feb 2015

  • North Wales detailing, stations and features completed. This finishes the map of Wales (if the map can ever really be called finished!).

7 Feb 2015

  • Complete refresh for Yorkshire, with lots of corrections and new details. Thanks to Peter and Keith for various suggestions.
  • Also Stockton & Darlington detailed, plus Bedford corrections (thanks Nick), Belton Park (Grantham, thanks Paul) and the Electric Rly Museum (thanks Mike).

24 Jan 2015

  • More historic maps added from National Library of Scotland, including OS 6inch, 1883-1913 series, OS 1:25000, 1937-61 series, Ireland GSGS 1in, 1941-43 series and London 1:1056, 1893-95 series. Also added in Open Street Map. Big thanks to NLS and the OSM contributors for making these maps available.