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UK image - Google Map data ©2013 GeoBasis DE/BKG ©2009 Google based on BCN IGN Espana US image - Google Map data US Dept of State Geographer Data SIO, NOAA, U.S.Navy, NGAm GEBCO ©2013 Google Image ©2013 TerraMetrics
Railway tracks depicted ©2013 RailMapOnline.com Railway tracks depicted ©2013 RailMapOnline.com

What's New

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25 Oct 2014

  • Northampton, Felixstowe and Preston detail added. Thanks to Chris, Peter, Michael and John for information.
  • Bramble Island Explosives Factory, plus more Portsmouth tramways and sidings (thanks Gavin).
  • Southsea Miniature Rly (thanks Richard), Stokes Bay Miniature Pleasure Rly, West Riding Small Locomotive Society, Haigh Hall Miniature Rly, Happy Mount Express, Windmill Animal Farm Rly, Morecambe Pleasure Beach Miniature Rly, Cinderbarrow Rly, Knowsley Safari Park Rly, Battersea Park Miniature Rly, Acton Miniature Rly, Brockwell Park Miniature Rly, Abington Park Miniature Rly.

18 Oct 2014

  • Derby detail, Porton Rly detail (thanks Tim C), South Levenshulme Goods Yard (thanks Andy), Fifield Rly (thanks Richard), Fort Nelson branch (thanks Gavin)
  • Tramways - Royal William Victualling Yard (thanks Paul), Basingstoke Canal Rly (thanks Peter), Grosmont Ironstone Mine tramways (thanks David), tramways near Humberston (thanks Peter), Deptford Foreign Cattle Market (thanks Peter)
  • Monorails - Canvey Island Monorail (thanks Tim D), Rhyl Monorail (thanks Tim D), National Grid Tunnel Monorails, Chester Zoo Monorail, Blackpool Pleasure Beach Monorail
  • Miniature Rlys – Beeches Light Rly (thanks Richard), Jock's Lane (thanks Richard), Jaywick Sands (thanks Peter), Butterley Park, Bekonscot Light Rly (thanks Tim D), Paradise Park, Hastings Miniature Rly, Weymouth Bay, Downs Light Rly (thanks Peter), Newby Hall, NRM Miniature Rly, Orchard Farm Lakeside Rly, Pugneys Light Rly, Wolds Way Lavender Rly, Beale Rly, Gulliver's Railroad, Gulliver's World Rly, Willen Lake Miniature Rly, Crewe Heritage Centre, Porterswick Junction Light Rly, Little Western Rly, Tamarisk Miniature Rly, Little Hoddy Rly, Safari Rly, Silloth Miniature Rly, Hall Leys Park Rly, Chesterfield Miniature Rly, Combe Martin Wildlife Park Rly, Devon Rly Centre, Exmouth Express, South Devon Miniature Rly
  • Plus London Suspension Rly and Trevithick's Steam Circus

12 Oct 2014

  • Northamptonshire detail around Wellingborough, Kettering and Corby (thanks to Chris and Peter).
  • Various Devon details (thanks Chris), plus Newton Abbot tramways.
  • Ipswich detail (thanks to Mike) and Braintree (thanks Greg).
  • Butterley area (thanks Brian) and Crich (thanks Peter), plus Cromford & High Peak Rly (thanks Andy).
  • Also Cross Gates (thanks to Martin), Devonport Dockyard Rly (thanks to Paul), Surrey Border & Camberley Miniature Rly (thanks Richard), Stanhope & Tyne Rly (thanks Pete) and the George Bennie Railplane (thanks Tim).

11 Oct 2014

  • New Simple Map, for easily viewing complicated track layouts on top of a monochrome, uncluttered map.

3 Oct 2014

  • Courtesy of those nice folks at the National Library of Scotland, you can now view RailMapOnline over a historic OS mapping layer, as well as the Google Map and Google Satellite view.