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What's New

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17 Sep 2018

  • US Map: King County (Seattle), WA added, including more logging lines and streetcars.

1 Sep 2018

  • US Map: Pierce (Tacoma), Thurston (Olympia), Mason, Grays Harbour, WA added. Also San Francisco, Spokane historic streetcars added. And Portland detailed.

23 Aug 2018

  • US Map: Colusa, Glenn, Butte counties, CA redrawn.

11 Aug 2018

  • UK Map: Detail for Hartlepool, Stockton & Port Clarence. Also Castleford, Wath, Pontefract and York.

20 July 2018

  • UK Map: Modern Rly layer updated - new download of OSM data.

12 Jun 2018

  • Canals: Gloucester & Sharpness Canal get updated with features added.

28 Apr 2018

  • Canals: Lee Navigation & Stort Navigation get updated with features added.
  • US Map: Legend entries for Nevada added.
  • US Map: Also added the Freeport RR (Sacramento), thanks to John for suggesting the line.

7 Apr 2018

  • US Map: Legend entries for California added.
  • US Map: Detail added for the Arizona-Mexico border, including some Mexican railroads.

31 Mar 2018

  • US Map website gets a new look, plus Legend & OSM layer added. Legend currently covers ID, OR and WA.

28 Mar 2018

  • Irish Railways: Stations and features added for Northern and Southern Ireland.

24 Mar 2018

  • Irish Trams: Belfast City Tramways, City of Derry Tramways added.
  • Irish Railways: Various corrections and details added across Northern Ireland and Donegal.

19 Mar 2018

  • Canals: Dorset & Somerset Canal features added. Ashton Canal Stockport Branch added.

17 Mar 2018

  • Irish Trams: Dublin Tramways, Cork Electric Tramways, Galway & Salthill Tramway.
  • Irish Railways: Various corrections and details added across southern Ireland.

17 Feb 2018

  • UK Trams: Glasgow Corporation Tramways, Paisley District Tramways Co, Lanarkshire Tramways, Kilmarnock Corporation, Greenock & Port Glasgow Tramway Co, Stirling & Bridge of Allan Tramway, Perth Corporation.

9 Feb 2018

  • UK Trams: Edinburgh Corporation Tramways, Leith Corporation, Musselburgh & District, Falkirk & District added.

3 Feb 2018

  • UK Trams: More Scottish trams, including Airdrie & Coatbridge, Ayr Corporation, Dumbarton Burgh & County, Dunfermline & District.
  • UK Railways: Selby & Goole redrawn.

21 Jan 2018

  • UK Railways: Lancaster detailed, including the National Projectile Factory and the Lund National Filling Factory. Thanks to Peter and Vic for a variety of suggestions for the map.

14 Jan 2018

  • Canals: Oxford Canal features.
  • UK Railways: Carlisle detailed.

6 Jan 2018

  • UK Map: Newark redrawn, and more of your suggestions added to the map.

4 Jan 2018

  • US Map: Placer, Yuba, Sutter counties, CA redrawn.

2 Jan 2018

  • US Map: Sacramento, CA redrawn.

30 Dec 2017

  • All maps now have a new Terrain background map courtesy of Stamen.
  • US Map: San Joaquin, Stanislaus, Merced counties, CA redrawn.

22 Dec 2017

  • US Map: Fresno, Madera counties, CA redrawn, showing lots of agricultural industrial spurs.

17 Dec 2017

  • UK Map: Frome, Retford, Tuxford, Ripley, Ironville, Wirksworth detailed. Plus lots of your feedback incorporated into the map.

30 Nov 2017

  • UK Map: Doncaster & Berwick redrawn.

2 Nov 2017

  • UK Map: North Devon redrawn.

2 Nov 2017

  • Canals: Thames & Severn, Wilts & Berks, Stroudwater Navigation features.

20 Oct 2017

  • UK Map: Aberdeen & Dundee trams.

15 Oct 2017

  • Canals: Somerset Coal Canal, including linked tramways.

7 Oct 2017

  • UK Map: Nottingham and Derby redrawn. Also High Wycombe, Weymouth Radipole Lake, Littledown miniature rlys.

28 Sep 2017

  • Canals: Kennet & Avon, Kennet Navigation, Avon Navigation features added.

14 Sep 2017

  • UK Map: Welsh historic trams added.

9 Sep 2017

  • UK Map: Darlington and Rotherham redrawn. Also Greenfield Resr Rly, Ingoldmells Miniature Rly.

6 Sep 2017

  • Canals: CanalMapOnline is launched, showing historic UK and Irish canals. Provided courtesy of Chris Lowe.

2 Sep 2017

  • UK Map: Sheffield redrawn, with much more industry detail and places.

8 Aug 2017

  • UK Map: Historic trams added for Greater London.

30 July 2017

  • UK Map: Trams added for West Midlands. Plus RAF Langford Lodge (thanks Martyn), Hoyland corrections (thanks Vic), Brecon Mountain Rly extension (thanks Anthony), Rochester trams addition (thanks Dick), Upwey original station (thanks Phil) and Murrow chord (thanks Barry).

21 July 2017

  • UK Map: New High Speed 2 layer added. Approximate representation of the route as announced July 2017.
  • UK Map: Trams added for Essex, north Kent. Also original Lowca station (thanks Dave), Pwllheli tramways and Colwyn Bay Miniature Rly (thanks John).

15 July 2017

  • UK Map: Trams added for East Midlands and East Anglia. Also Edinburgh Exhibition stations and lines (thanks Tony), Croeser Tramway features (thanks Dave), Boulters Lock and Sunbury tramways (thanks Chris).

29 June 2017

  • UK Map: Trams for North Yorks, South Yorks and Grimsby.
  • Craigiemains, Loch Fyne, Ayr miniature railways plus Dunstaffnage Castle tracks (thanks Keith D), Alton detail (thanks Graeme), and Grove Ferry miniature rly added.

25 June 2017

  • UK Map: Manchester trams additions (thanks Jon), SHMD to Haddens and LOR tram to Crosby added (thanks Brian). And New British Iron Co picked out (thanks Paul), Glenormiston Halt added (thanks Keith P), Woking Gas Works (thanks Chris), Fionnphort tramway on Mull (thanks Malcolm).
  • US Map: Oregon Trunk & Deschutes RR corrected (thanks David).

16 June 2017

  • UK Map: More trams for West Yorks, Southampton, Portsmouth, Gosport, Shoreham, Brighton, Hastings, Folkestone, Dover, Reading, Swindon, Oxford, Cheltenham, Gloucester.
  • Plus MOD Donnington (thanks Jon) and Torquay trams corrected (thanks Graeme and Jon).

9 June 2017

  • UK Map: More trams added, covering Cumbria, North East and South West England.

4 June 2017

  • UK Map: New historic tramlines layer added, currently covering Lancashire.

27 May 2017

  • US Map: Redraw for Napa, Marin, Solano, Yolo counties, CA. Details for the northern San Francisco bay area, including the Mill Valley & Mt Tamalpais Scenic RR, San Quentin & San Rafael RR, and San Francisco, Napa & Calistoga RR.

21 May 2017

  • US Map: Redraw for Alameda, Contra Costa counties, CA. Details for the eastern San Francisco bay area, including the Moles, California & Nevada RR, Black Diamond RR, Pittsburg RR, Empire RR.
  • UK Map: More Hull tramways, Mendip Lead Mines, Hildasay tramway (thanks Richard, John, Colin).

14 May 2017

  • UK Map: More Channel Island details, West Fenton narrow gauge, Holywell Town, Ribblehead, Beverley tramways, Stornoway Paraffin Works, The Warren tramway.
  • US Map: New Virginia & Truckee alignment.

28 Apr 2017

  • US Map: Redraw for San Francisco, San Meteo, Santa Clara counties, CA. Lots of detail for San Francisco waterfront.

22 Apr 2017

  • US Map: Redraw for Santa Cruz, Monterey, San Luis Obispo, Kings, Tulare, San Benito counties, CA. A number of new railroads added, plus lots of new spurs.

15 Apr 2017

  • Barnbow Filling Factory (thanks John), and Wansford Trout Farm tramway (thanks Richard).

14 Apr 2017

  • New look UK & Ireland page launched. Includes Modern Rly layer and dynamic links to other mapping sites.

10 Apr 2017

  • Rhydymwyn Tube Alloy Works added (thanks Iain).

23 Mar 2017

  • Some NLS layers no longer available. Unfortunately NLS no longer provides some of the layers for free, but they can still be accessed on their amazing website.

10 Feb 2017

  • Newcastle & Gateshead get super-detailed, with many new features and a few new (early) stations. And more of your feedback included on the map (thanks Roger, Graeme, Lewis, Keith, Guy and Peter).

31 Jan 2017

  • Blyth & Tyne and surrounding tramways get lots more detail. Covering North Shields, Cramlington, Morpeth, Ashington and Blyth.