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UK & Ireland Map Western US Map
UK image - ©2016 Google, Imagery ©2016 Data SIO, NOAA, U.S.Navy, NGA, GEBCO, Landsat,IBCAO, Map data ©2016 GeoBasis-DE/BKG (©2009) US image - ©2016 Google, Data LDEO-Columbia, NSF, NOAA. Image Landsat/Copernicus. Data SIO, NOAA, U.S.Navy, NGA, GEBCO.
Railway tracks depicted ©2016 RailMapOnline.com Railway tracks depicted ©2016 RailMapOnline.com

What's New

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10 Feb 2017

  • Some NLS layers no longer available. Unfortunately NLS no longer provides some of the layers for free, but they can still be accessed on their amazing website.

10 Feb 2017

  • Newcastle & Gateshead get super-detailed, with many new features and a few new (early) stations. And more of your feedback included on the map (thanks Roger, Graeme, Lewis, Keith, Guy and Peter).

31 Jan 2017

  • Blyth & Tyne and surrounding tramways get lots more detail. Covering North Shields, Cramlington, Morpeth, Ashington and Blyth.

22 Dec 2016

  • US Map: WA state, south west counties. Lots of logging railroads, and the mainline from Vancouver to Centralia.

18 Dec 2016

  • Grimsby and Immingham get redrawn with much more detail. Plus more Lincs farm railways (thanks Peter) and the original Cleethorpes Miniature Rly (thanks Dave).

12 Dec 2016

  • US Map: More WA railroads. Street running with Yakima Valley Transportation Co, logging with the Klickitat Log & Lumber Co, and mountain railroading across the Cascades at Stampede Pass, Snoqualmie Pass and Stevens Pass (including original switchback routes).

4 Dec 2016

  • Thanks to your feedback, lots of new additions to the UK map. Includes Brocks Fireworks Factory (Cheam), Redding Explosives Works, Lincolnshire Coast Light Rly original line nr Cleethorpes, RAF Predannack launch track and additions to the Brecon Forest Tramroad. Thanks to Peter, Graeme, Dave, John, Ben and Derek.

27 Nov 2016

  • US Map: Idaho (northern counties) added, and remainder of state refreshed.
  • US Map: New 'Simple' background and OpenStreetMap background available.

30 Oct 2016

  • US Map: Kern County, CA detail added, plus more corrections and Pacific Electric lines in LA, and San Diego interurban additions.