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15 July 2016

  • Stockbridge Rly coloured separately (thanks Dave S). Holy Island features and Dinorwic Rly route (thanks Dave H). Harrow & Wembley Society of Model Engineers (thanks Kevin). Amnerfield railway (thanks Llew). Cleobury, Mortimer & Ditton Priors Light Rly stations added, original Bideford station, and miniature rly at Canford Park, Bristol (thanks Graeme).
  • The Bideford, Westward Ho! & Appledore Rly gets a small refresh.

3 July 2016

  • Southern California refreshed with lots of new tracks and freight spurs added (including Baja California). See the US West Map

22 June 2016

  • More halts in Lincolnshire, and detail for the West Somerset Mineral Rly, Padarn Rly and Dinorwic tramway (thanks Dave H). Various features around Stockbridge (thanks Dave S). RNAD Bull Point, the flagstone tramways around Thurso, and tramways in Shropshire (thanks Peter). Charlesfield Ammunition Depot (thanks Bob). Details around Chat Moss and Pingott Colliery (thanks Matt). Peel Brickworks, Caen Hill Locks contruction tramway and Nothe Fort (thanks Graeme). Savernake Ammunition Depot (thanks Llew). Smithfields GWR goods station (thanks George). Plymouth Miniature Steam (thanks Craig). More details for Belton Park military rly (thanks Sam). Fulford Barrack Ordnance Wharf tramway in York (thanks Jim).

22 May 2016

  • Bridgend to Aberkenfig tramway (thanks John), Kinmel Camp and MOD Coypool (thanks Graeme), Ffestiniog Union Workhouse (thanks Matt).
  • Also Hayle Towans and Crowlas Age of Steam miniature railways added.

12 May 2016

  • New stations in Lincolnshire and Cumbria (thanks Dave).

4 May 2016

  • Over 900 new features for Yorkshire, plus corrections and new stations.